Entry fee: 7€/person

under 2-years free

Lead riding: 3€/person, horse carriage ride: 3€/ride

Groups over 15 persons: 6 € / pers.
Daycares / schools: 5€/a child (includes horse carriage ride)

There’s an opportunity to buy small bites of salty and sweet from our cafeteria!

For groups also possible billing.

With friendship card support person free. (Read more)

Animal visits, we transport the animals there and take care of them on the spot!

1 species 69€/1h,  106€/2h, 143€/3h

2 species 81€/1h, 118€/2h, 155€/3h

3 species 106€/1h, 143€/2h, 180€/3h

4 species 131€/1h, 168€/2h, 205€/3h


Prices do added travel expenses 0,80€/km.